Desktop and Service Desk

Reliant's desktop management agents send data about your computers operation (disk usage, CPU, processes running, etc.) to the NOC’s monitoring tools. The tools detect error conditions (e.g.: services not running), and danger indicators (e.g.: disk is getting full), and automatically create tickets to have the issue addressed. Depending on your preferences, these conditions can be handled automatically, or after receiving approval from you.

Issues can be escalated to the Network Operations Centre to work on advanced issues.

Service Desk

The Service Desk delivers fast, courteous, expert problem resolution for end-user technical problems. The service desk can address all common desktop issues. They use a knowledge base that can be used to handle basic issues for your business applications – if common solutions to common problems are provided. Reliant can only provide services for your business applications on a best efforts basis. We recommend that you have support contracts in place for these applications.

Onsite Support

We recommend that each site have an IT liaison. This person will be the point of contact for the next level of support. They will provide pictures of environments when needed, re-boot devices and trouble shoot basic power and network issues.

If you prefer for Reliant to have scheduled on-site hours this can be arranged at an additional cost.