One service, or all of our services

We find the right balance.

Onsite and Remote User Support

We remotely monitor and manage your PCs, servers, and network to make sure they are always running smoothly and efficiently.


We will:

  • Make sure small issues, don’t become big problems

  • Monitor the health and status of your PCs, servers and network

  • Deliver top of the line anti-virus protection

  • Be onsite every week for hands on support

  • Provide an expert Help Desk

Managed Computing

Reliant’s Managed Computing (Servers and Storage) is based on Global Network Operations Center (NOC) and Software that is in use at thousands of sites and managing over 500,000 devices. Augmented by local experts to deliver an end-to-end managed service or used by your staff to automate low level tasks freeing up time for higher value activities. Reliant’s Managed Computing offering can be customized to offer more or less management to fit your priorities.

Understanding Remote Support.

Remote support allows Reliant to tackle complex issues without having to allocate dedicated time.  This adds capability, while managing cost.

Others manage cost by assigning junior resources.  With Reliant you get highly skilled certified resources to meet your business needs.

Your own virtual CIO that can help you understand how you can leverage technology in your business.

Managed Backup

Reliant’s Managed Backup Services offers both local and cloud managed backups for quick recovery. We use Canadian Cloud Data Center for cloud based data protection. All data is encrypted and protected before it ever leaves your company.


Reliant offers a wide range of backup and disaster recovery solutions to ensure that your specific risk management needs are addressed.

Managed Help Desk

Reliant provides an IT help desk branded from your organization. Users can use e-mail, phone or chat to request help for a any IT issue.  Workflow is in place to ensure only approved changes are made to your environment.

Managed Networking

Reliant’s Managed Networking ensures that your corporate network is running efficiently and securely. Monitoring is used to proactively identify and manage issues as they arise and management tools are implemented to ensure you network is always up to date.

Managed Mobility

Reliant offers a complete solution for procurement, configuration, operating, and maintaining your mobile devices. Click here to learn more about how we can simplify your companies mobility management.

Managed Print

Reliant provides Managed Print Services which is an end-to-end solution that provides everything a company needs to control output costs.


We offer:

  • Print/Printer Optimization Assessment

  • Pay-Per-Use Output - includes supplies and service, through ongoing assessment and management of the contract and as-needed optimization.

  • Hardware Redeployment or Acquisition


Our goal is to help companies identify, control, and manage the cost of output. Click here to read about out partner, Printer World, and how they help us optimize efficiency in your office.

Managed Security

Theft of your corporate or private information, disruption of business, or even corruption and loss of data can cripple businesses and destroy reputations. Reliant uses The SecuScan Vulnerability Detection System to help our customers minimize attacks against their networks and confirms compliance. SecuScan offers high-speed asset discovery, configuration auditing, target profiling, malware detection, sensitive data discovery, all in an intuitively designed user interface.

SecuScan has been designed for ease of use and understanding for use by everyone from seasoned security professionals to those with basic IT skills.  It supports more technologies than competitive solutions, scanning operating systems, network devices, next generation firewalls, hypervisors, databases, web servers, and critical infrastructure for vulnerabilities, threats, and compliance violations.  SecuScan automates and simplifies the process of maintaining a secure network environment ensuring peace of mind.