Paying too much for your company's cellular service? Reliant can save you up to 30% on monthly costs


Wireless Voice & Data costs have decreased dramatically over the past 3 years, find out if your business is paying too much for dated and mediocre service. can help your company renegotiate your current mobility plan or issue a request for proposal to help you save on monthly costs. 


Why bring a cellular RFP to Market?

Increase your overall utilization: many companies are using less than 50% of their shared data pool. Find our if you’re paying too much.  


Improve Operational Support: Are you tired of mediocre customer service from your current provider? Learn how including a dedicated account manager in your contract terms can improve your service.


Update your Technology: Learn how mobile fleet refreshes can increase efficiency in the workplace. Many provides will offer these upgrades for little to no cost on a 3-year contract.

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