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Nutanix enables IT teams to build and operate powerful multi-cloud architectures. Their Enterprise Cloud OS software melds private, public and distributed cloud operating environments and provides a single point of control to manage IT infrastructure and applications at any scale.

Nutanix solutions are 100% software-based, and are built on the industry’s most popular hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) technology, delivering a full infrastructure stack that integrates compute, virtualization, storage, networking and security to power any application, at any scale.

Nutanix software runs across different cloud environments to harmonize IT operations and bring frictionless mobility to all applications

Public Cloud Benefits You Want. Private Cloud Control You Need.

Nutanix Enterprise Cloud OS delivers the simplicity and agility of popular public cloud services like Amazon Web Services (AWS), but with the security and control that you need in a private cloud.




In partnership with Intriga Mobility, Reliant offers a complete solution for procurement, configuration, operating, and maintaining your mobile devices.

  • Mobile cost containment and alerting

  • Keep staff focused on your business instead of mobile device management

  • Expert support available when your staff need it

  • Keep mobile devices used for business purposes

  • Service Desk

  • Mobile Device Management Telecom

  • Expense Management

  • Device Procurement

  • On-boarding new users

Think for a moment, what kinds of measures does your company have in place for backup? Do you have a backup server, are you moving just the important stuff onto a USB key, or do you manually back everything up onto tapes at the end of the night? How can you be sure these methods will have your back if you lose everything? We've got you covered.

Reliant’s Managed Backup Services offer local backup for quick recovery and offsite backup to a Canadian Cloud Datacenter for data protection. All data is encrypted and protected before it ever leaves your company. Reliant offers different backup products to ensure that your specific backup needs are addressed.

Reliant Cloud Backup is agent based, runs on both servers and workstations, and provides an automated and secure backup to a Canadian Cloud Datacenter.


  • One integrated service for PCs and Servers

  • Accessed through a single management portal

  • Efficient and intelligent data transfer

  • Data encryption, compression, de-duplication

  • Local copy for quick restore

  • Virtual Disaster Recovery & Bare Metal Restores

  • Offsite copy for disaster protection

  • Very cost effective

Veeam Cloud Connect on the RackForce cloud allows existing Veeam 8 (and later) customers to achieve their backup and DR objectives by providing a remote repository that can be utilized by their existing backup implementation as a primary or secondary offsite data repository.  Cloud Connect utilizes Cloud Gateway servers that utilize SSL certificates for encryption of both transit and at-rest data.


  • Hosted offsite backups: Get your backups off site to a hosted cloud repository with RackForce through an SSL connection and cloud gateway

  • Complete visibility and control: Access and recover data in hosted backup repositories directly from the backup console

  • Modern backup architecture: Leverage Built-in WAN Acceleration, Backup Copy jobs for GFS retention policies

  • Ontario and BC locations

  • Ability to view daily consumption of storage through the RackForce Online Portal


Cisco Meraki

Reliant’s Managed Networking ensures that your computing environment is running efficiently and securely. Monitoring is used to proactively manage issues as they arise and management tools are implemented to ensure that network bandwidth is being allocated properly to your business applications.

• Network & Security Assessments
• Automated, repeatable scans
• Risks identification and Mitigation road map

Network monitoring, tuning, support and change management, Network implementation and upgrade services

Reliant delivers easy-to-manage wireless, switching, and security solutions that enable customers to reduce operational cost. Cisco Meraki’s networking systems bring enterprise-class networking to organizations of all sizes.

Cisco Meraki’s unique cloud-hosted controller architecture provides centralized management and security through an intuitive web interface, eliminating the high costs and complexity associated with traditional networking systems.

Cisco Meraki brings the benefits of the cloud to enterprise networking, delivering easy to use, cost effective wired and wireless networks that are centrally managed over the web.

  • Wireless, firewalls, switching, WAN optimization, and MDM, all centrally managed over the web

  • Built from the ground up for cloud management

  • Integrated hardware, software, and cloud services

  • Recognized for innovation by Gartner, InfoWorld and CRN’s coolest technologies

Printer World

Reliant provides Managed Print Services which is an end-to-end solution that provides everything a company

needs to control output costs:

  • Print/Printer Optimization Assessment

  • Pay-Per-Use Output - includes supplies and service, through ongoing assessment

and management of the contract and as-needed optimization.

  • Hardware Redeployment or Acquisition


Our goal is to help companies identify, control, and manage the cost of output.



Are you looking for:


  • SharePoint Services

  • Custom Application Development

  • Nintex Workflow and Forms

  • Microsoft Power BI

Find out how Reliant and Elantis can help you build some new technologies.


Secu Solutions

Theft of your corporate or private information, disruption of business, or even corruption and loss of data can cripple businesses and destroy reputations. Reliant uses The SecuScan Vulnerability Detection System to help our customers minimize attacks against their networks and confirms compliance. SecuScan offers high-speed asset discovery, configuration auditing, target profiling, malware detection, sensitive data discovery, all in an intuitively designed user interface.

SecuScan has been designed for ease of use and understanding for use by everyone from seasoned security professionals to those with basic IT skills.  It supports more technologies than competitive solutions, scanning operating systems, network devices, next generation firewalls, hypervisors, databases, web servers, and critical infrastructure for vulnerabilities, threats, and compliance violations.  SecuScan automates and simplifies the process of maintaining a secure network environment ensuring peace of mind.




TidalScale is the industry leader in software-defined server technology. TidalScale’s software solution “glues” commodity servers together so that they function as a single larger system. The software accomplishes this by aggregating the cores, memory, and I/O of multiple physical servers, virtualizing these resources, and then presenting them as a unified “software-defined server” to the operating system. This software-defined server delivers in-memory performance for large or multiple database workloads. TidalScale requires no changes to applications or operating systems and is deployable within minutes—on-premises, in the cloud, or in hybrid cloud environments.