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We Build Hybrid Clouds   

Reliant specializes in Hybrid Cloud Architectures and Solutions for our customers. The following vision has been developed over the last 10 years and constantly evolves with time. Organizations benefit from a hybrid cloud architecture as it allows for them to continually evolve and pivot their  architecture as the business demands change. Hybrid cloud allows organizations to protect traditional investments and choose from many different vendors, while integrating security, resiliency, and managements.


We bring together a focused set of technologies to deliver an enterprise hybrid cloud solution at any scale.


Reliant’s consultants and architects work collaboratively with you to understand
your business requirements and technology needs to deliver an infrastructure strategy, roadmap and design that is delivered in a format that is easy to understand, explain and execute on.

The cloud architecture design of an organization is influenced by a number of
factors. In particular, our hybrid cloud consulting services can assist you in the
following areas:

  • Legal and compliance issues

  • Time constraints for projects or deployments

  • Governance and any existing or related issues

  • Management and tools

  • Development standards

  • Information architecture (IA) and federated search requirements

  • Complexity of your current environment

  • Network bandwidth issues

  • Current known software and hardware issues

Hybrid Cloud Consulting Benefits

During the transition to a hybrid cloud business model, having a cloud consultant who is impartial and independent at your disposal has numerous advantages. In particular, our hybrid cloud consultants provide your company with the following advantages:

Enhanced Clarity
With the help of our hybrid cloud consultants, you may better grasp the service level agreements (SLAs) your cloud vendor has with regard to disaster recovery and high availability. To ensure that you select the best vendor for your needs, specifications, and industry standards, we also make sure you are clear on all other
market possibilities.

Problems with internal resources and training coverage
Throughout the whole shift, we provide support for standard adoption, service reporting, alignment, and management. In order to ensure that your staff is on the same page, we also provide training on internal concerns.

Vendor Agnostic
Our hybrid cloud resources combine an application approach with vendor neutrality. As a result, we assist your company in utilizing the advantages of a hybrid cloud environment. Our objective, vendor-neutral methodology enables us to take a comprehensive, all-encompassing look at the scope of your IT ecosystem.

Application Migration
Our resources work closely with you to ensure applications are fit for migration. Our cloud consultants have industry-wide experience and a deep well of knowledge around a myriad of applications. We also make it part of our approach to work closely with the application vendors to mitigate risk.

Reliant’s cloud consultants have industry-wide experience in private cloud, hybrid cloud, and public cloud business models and are ready to assist you with your requirements. They act as an extension of your team throughout your hybrid cloud journey. Our If you are interested in talking to us, please fill out the form below.

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