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Business Consulting

Need help setting the direction of your next initiative?

Reliant levels the playing field by bringing enterprise grade IT skills to your business. We help your company make sense of the technology landscape while also getting solid business value for your technology dollars.

We Build Hybrid Clouds

Reliant specializes in Hybrid Cloud Architectures and Solutions for our customers. The following vision has been developed over the last 10 years and constantly evolves with time. Organizations benefit from a hybrid cloud architecture as it allows for them to continually evolve and pivot their  architecture as the business demands change. Hybrid cloud allows organizations to protect traditional investments and choose from many different vendors, while integrating security, resiliency, and managements.


We bring together a focused set of technologies to deliver an enterprise hybrid cloud solution at any scale.


Reliant’s consultants and architects work collaboratively with you to understand
your business requirements and technology needs to deliver an infrastructure strategy, roadmap and design that is delivered in a format that is easy to understand, explain and execute on.

The cloud architecture design of an organization is influenced by a number of
factors. In particular, our hybrid cloud consulting services can assist you in the
following areas:

  • Legal and compliance issues

  • Time constraints for projects or deployments

  • Governance and any existing or related issues

  • Management and tools

  • Development standards

  • Information architecture (IA) and federated search requirements

  • Complexity of your current environment

  • Network bandwidth issues

  • Current known software and hardware issues

Hybrid Cloud Consulting Benefits

During the transition to a hybrid cloud business model, having a cloud consultant who is impartial and independent at your disposal has numerous advantages. In particular, our hybrid cloud consultants provide your company with the following advantages:

Enhanced Clarity
With the help of our hybrid cloud consultants, you may better grasp the service level agreements (SLAs) your cloud vendor has with regard to disaster recovery and high availability. To ensure that you select the best vendor for your needs, specifications, and industry standards, we also make sure you are clear on all other market possibilities.

Problems with internal resources and training coverage
Throughout the whole shift, we provide support for standard adoption, service reporting, alignment, and management. In order to ensure that your staff is on the same page, we also provide training on internal concerns.

Vendor Agnostic
Our hybrid cloud resources combine an application approach with vendor neutrality. As a result, we assist your company in utilizing the advantages of a hybrid cloud environment. Our objective, vendor-neutral methodology enables us to take a comprehensive, all-encompassing look at the scope of your IT ecosystem.

Application Migration
Our resources work closely with you to ensure applications are fit for migration. Our cloud consultants have industry-wide experience and a deep well of knowledge around a myriad of applications. We also make it part of our approach to work closely with the application vendors to mitigate risk.

Reliant’s cloud consultants have industry-wide experience in private cloud, hybrid cloud, and public cloud business models and are ready to assist you with your requirements. They act as an extension of your team throughout your hybrid cloud journey. Our If you are interested in talking to us, please fill out the form below.

Strategic Planning and Technology Roadmaps


Reliant’s Management Consulting team works with your organization to improve its performance by analyzing your existing challenges and creates both strategies and plans for improvement. Thought leadership is important for every organization.


We have management consultants in place who are able to help you get value out of your IT investment, understand business and how IT needs to be aligned, and corporate budgeting. We have worked with many customers who initially had business or technology limitations and have helped to successfully transform them into organizations with well- planned and executed technology strategies.

he first step in assisting with this transformation is to develop an IT Strategic Plan or an IT Assessment (not every customer is the same and they all require a different approach).


In doing this work, Reliant initially works with the business and then reviews IT. The plan or assessment might review the effectiveness of an organization’s Technology, IT Staffing & Processes and IT Governance Domains. Once the engagement is complete, and findings reviewed, we develop a set of recommendations for next steps along with an executable roadmap in order to improve the delivery of IT.

Infrastructure Assessments
and Enterprise Architecture

Reliant provides technical and business leadership in the design and development of enterprise wide infrastructure architecture. During these engagements we represent corporate and operations interests.

This work often includes:


Gap Analysis

Performing gap analysis between business and technical requirements.


Requirements Gathering

Identifying and analyzing business requirements to integrate hardware, operating systems and software solutions.

Technology Future.jpg

Technical Advisor

Documenting technical recommendations, providing  technical advice and guidance to management, operations and project team members;


System Scoping

Formulating and defining systems scope and objectives based on business needs and industry requirements.



Providing leadership and direction through the full solution development life cycle.


Subject Matter Expert

  • Gather hardware/software requirements

  • Design guidelines

  • Technical trend expertise

  • Subject matter expert on software configuration

  • Capacity planning

  • Performance analysis and optimization


Technology Review

Reviewing new services and technology requests by clients and assessing their impact on the operational environment, giving recommendations to ensure a successful and secure implementation.


Risk Analysis

Making recommendations to project technical teams pertaining to issues, risks and client satisfaction;


Application Design

Guiding and leading application designs toward standard functionality while fulfilling our customer’s business requirements.

RFP Preparation

Well written Request for Proposals (RFPs) describes an organization’s specific needs thoroughly and accurately, which improves the chances of all vendors submit quality responses.

We assist our customers in developing customized RFPs that outline the requirements, specifications, systems, and features necessary for a range of projects or services. We save our customers time and solicit compliant proposals from vendors with the right expertise, experience, technology, and security.

Aligned with our mission of “simplifying IT” our RFP services simplify a complex and time-consuming process.


Backup and Disaster Recovery Planning

The core of Reliant’s business is implementing hybrid cloud architectures and part of this engagement includes implementing solid disaster recovery plans.  At the heart of disaster, recovery plans are backup and cloud plans.


Cybersecurity is a top concern for almost every organization and a data
breach is one of the most potentially devastating events a business can
experience in today’s digital world. When disasters happen, private customer data, proprietary files, private email correspondence, and stored files are all at risk. No one wants to deal with business disasters, but they can and do happen. 

Therefore, it is important to have a Disaster Recovery Plan in place before you experience a disaster and today disasters also include security breaches.  Reliant can help you develop your plan, implement, execute, and test your disaster recovery plan that is the right fit for your business to ensure you are able to continue with your business in the event of a disaster.

Reliant’s approach to building a Disaster Recovery Plan consists of 3 phases.

  • Phase 1: Build a detailed understanding of our customer’s disaster recovery requirements and Strategies. 


  • Phase 2: Work with the infrastructure and application teams to build out detailed recovery processes.  We then validate and build a Disaster Recovery Management Plan.


  • Phase 3: Work with the team to execute Disaster Recovery testing (tabletop and actual fail overs/failbacks) and update the processes. 

If you would like to meet and have a discussion about your Disaster
Recovery Requirements, please.

Business Case Development

A business case is needed when resources or expenditure on a project has to be justified. Approval is usually sought from the project sponsor and other interested parties. It is important to develop a business case during the early stages of a project and outline the why, what, how, and who necessary to decide if it is worthwhile to continue a project.

business case.jpg

One of the first things you need to know when starting a new project are the benefits of the proposed business change and how to communicate the benefits to the business.

These issues are an important part of the business case. They express the
problems with the current situation and demonstrate the benefits of the new business vision.

The business case unites the advantages, weaknesses, expenses, and dangers of the ongoing circumstance and future vision so the executives can choose if the venture ought to push ahead.

Preparing the business case involves:

  • Business problem or opportunity

  • Benefits

  • Risk

  • Costs including investment appraisal

  • Technical solutions

  • Time

  • Impact on operations

  • Organizational capability to deliver the project outcomes

Technology and Product Evaluation and Selection

Technology has become one of the key drivers for sustainable business growth and is an integral part of business strategy development. It is critical to have a structured approach in prioritizing, evaluating, assessing, business
case formulation, benefits case creation, and selection of the technology.

We deliver a custom designed approach to technology selection, based on best practices, and fit to your needs. Our approach is targeted at producing the deliverables you need to support you design making process.


Reach out and we will provide you with a free roadmap to creating an RFP. This shows the “full” process that can be trimmed down to suit your business needs

In the forest

On-Demand Resourcing

The IT landscape is evolving and Reliant can help you be agile and adapt.  We can help you address your short term or long term IT resource needs.
Our Resourcing Team is available to help you get through your busy times and long term stabilization. We make sure you meet your goals by assigning highly qualified resources available to you in a cost-effective manner.


Are you looking for:

  • Project Managers

  • Security Analysts

  • Architects

  • Business Consultants

  • Business Analysts

  • Developers

  • Service Desk & Desk side support

Reliant has an extensive network of contract individuals who can help you fulfill your resourcing needs. The list of project expertise of our team is extensive.  We help you complete complex projects by sourcing the talent needed to execute key tasks. This ensures the kind of control that comes from managing projects in-house, with the levels of speed and quality that only experienced specialists can provide.

Looking for a placement?

We are always looking for top IT talent to satisfy our customers needs. 

Project Teams

We help you complete complex projects by sourcing the talent needed to execute. This ensures the control that comes from managing projects in-house, with the levels of speed and quality that only experienced specialists can provide. 
We have a deep pool of local resources as well as networks with other organizations in other cities across North America. When appropriate, Reliant will source key individuals from around the world. Reliant’s Program Managers understand what it means to create tangible outcomes for organizations. Our program managers have managed multi-million dollar programs and know how to manage cross-project dependencies. 
Our Project Managers understand the importance of seeking out information from the Project Managers regarding the risks, issues, requirements, design or solution to be able to usefully manage the program. It is this information Program Managers require to be comfortable that the overall program goals are achievable. Understanding the problems, communicating with the specialists, mapping out a clear path to results, and keeping things on track – this is where real project experience and management maturity can make the difference between success and failure.
Reliant’s project managers and business analysts know how to gather the requirements and deliver successful projects. Reliant’s IT Recruiting and Placement Services places highly skilled specialists in strategic positions throughout your organization – placing the best resources required, when needed. We have access to great people who have been pre-screened for skills and abilities.

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